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About Our Program

Our Korean learning program is unique and different with another school’s program. Our program is not only full of material, grammar points, and teachings. But, you will also learn in a group of people. Inside the group you will gain an access directly to our teacher! Thus, you will have no problem asking questions once you have it. It is realtime, you can ask anytime, anywhere you are.

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Korean Beginner to Intermediate Level

How Do We Run the Class?

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There will be a registration button down below. Click down there first then you will be registered to our system.


Currently our site doesn’t support direct Paypal system. However, payment through Paypal is possible, but manually. We will send a payment link to your e-mail. It is wise to contact us first, either contact our line@ or Whatsapp.

Entering Facebook, Whatsapp group, downloading material and access to our site

After finishing your payment system, we will send you an e-mail to access our website, to download our online material, and links to enter our facebook and Whatsapp group.

Start Learning

After downloading and gaining the access to our website and groups. You are now officially join our learning group!

One Day or Day One?

The answer is on you! It’s your decision of course. But, if you’ve been dreaming to speak Korean, it’s your choice to say “one day” or “day one”. We’ll be there for you.

Price of Our Program

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Happy Students


Being really honest, I am always a language geek, and I also realize that in today’s situation foreign language is extremely important. I tried several language school but I have never found any school that fits me. Weespeak was just starting when I tried, and I tried the trial class at first. But, the teacher is extremely fun, and he has a good teaching method (step by step). He is pretty serious but not that strict, after I joined several classes. I enjoyed learning foreign languages, and they also have the conversation class which is extremely important for your learning process, and it can be done in an online environment. So, anywhere I am I can learn it, and I am still learning till today. Of course I want to keep on progressing forward, there’s no little disappointment by joining Weespeak’s class. Thank you Weespeak Language School

- Aldora Gabriella Michelle

Indonesian in Sweden

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