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Learn Indonesian and Get Connected !

Online Class

By joining our Indonesian class you will be put in an online classroom and you can directly connect with your Indonesian teacher and friends.

Solo Learning

Solo Learning is for you who are uncomfortable to interact with other people and you just want to be immersed with the language alone. Then, there you go.

Helping You Speak Indonesian

Learn Bahasa Indonesia With Us Now!

Bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian language is a language used by hundreds of millions of people across the Indonesian Archipelago. Indonesian language will carry to a new world of friendly people, amazing cultures, delicious cuisines, beautiful mountain range and beaches. You might also find your life partner in Indonesia simply by speaking the language. So, are you ready?

Are you interested with authentic or perhaps untouched cultures?

Do you like nature compare to metropolitan cities?

Do you enjoy a wide variety of food?

If the answer is yes, welcome to Indonesia.


It’s okay to learn Indonesian for hobby because of its grammar, you will find it to be easy to learn the language.

Travel & Culture

Learning bahasa Indonesia for travelling and culture might help you a lot in understanding the culture and to see the hidden gem known only by Indonesian.


Indonesian is known for being real, polite and friendly. You will be greeted by many Indonesian like “Mister” or “Miss” and you know they want to know you. Finding life partner or love? You can totally do that.

Career and Business

Indonesian economics is growing like crazy, every single year it keeps on increasing. So, if you want to improve your career or simply want to grow your business coverage. Indonesia is a must country to try and Indonesian language, is a must to learn.

Why Do We Teach Indonesian Language?

The first reason is because we love cultures, we love our own cultures, our own language and obviously this country. Regardless, of the political situation and the un-ending traffic in Jakarta. Indonesia is still a beautiful country, and we want to share it with people from around the world. So, we want you to become apart of us, see the beautiful beaches, mountains, meet the friendliest people on earth, enjoying world’s most delicious meat, rendang, and many more. We want you to join our ride!

How do you run the class?

We’ll put you in a Whatsapp group that serves as the class. There, you will meet your Indonesian teacher and an Indonesian friend that will tell you many things about Indonesia. Everyday we’ll post Indonesian language lessons for you, travel destinations, foods to try and the latest news about Indonesia. So, you’ll not only learn the language but also the culture, conditions and everything about Indonesia. 

Will it be beneficial for business?

Yes! Totally, the number of foreign investments keeps increasing especially during our current president’s government, the foreign direct investment is keep on coming in.

Will Bahasa Indonesia helps me get around Indonesia?

Most obviously! You’ll be able to get cheaper price on items, because if you don’t get the language you might get “Foreigner’s price” but if you understand of course you can argue. Then, if you can speak Bahasa you can get around the small alleys that most tourist cannot get, but only locals know and the only way to get there is by speaking Bahasa.

I though many Indonesian can speak English?

It is not necessarily true to be honest, because even if you go to Starbucks, not all of the workers there speak English. Then, how do you expect to the smaller stores to speak English.

What kind of cultural stuffs that i can learn?

Talking about cultures, you will never run out of unique cultural things, from foods, songs, dances, ways of life, mindsets, traditional clothings, rituals, stories and many things are unlimited in Indonesia. Thousands of islands, hundreds of tribes and hundreds of languages. What do you expect? Without Indonesian Language it’s quite possible to get it.

About Me

Halo! My name is William Lukman Djaja and I am your Indonesian teacher! I have been learning and teaching languages for quite some time. I love learning and teaching languages for cultural reasons. I don’t know about you guys, but i want to connect with every single one of you.

We’ll learn how to speak Indonesian like the real Indonesian. I’ll teach the proper grammar but also at the same time if the grammar makes you sound like robot, i’ll tell how to make it sound more like locals. So, this program might not be suitable for you if you want to take a language certification, but it is most suitable if you want to connect to Indonesian and learn the cultures, and most important, not sounds like a robot.

So, if you are ready to join the ride, just click the button below and we start from there.



“It has been a good experience learning with William. Super patient, he teaches like a friend and not like a teacher. Love it, keep it up man”

“At first, i wanted to learn bahasa Indonesia because i want to go to Bali and that’s it. But now, i find myself falling in love with the language and the culture here.”

“Thank you William, I can totally see how your way of teaching makes me sound more like human in front of my Indonesian friends. Thank you!”

Online Coaching Resources

Indonesian Digital Material

You’ll have a set of E-books and other digital material such as Audio and presentations for each chapter. Then, you will also get an access to our website and monthly live class.

The Essentials of Goal Setting

We’ll keep track of your learning journey. We’ll try to make it as fun as possible. You will be asked to keep track of words and phrases that you have learned.

Online Class

Not only you will be given digital material and access to our site. The most fun is our online class! Now you can talk with other friends and teachers. 

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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