Bahasa Indonesia

Belajar Percakapan Bahasa Indonesia sehari hari. Learn Indonesian language in easy way. 


Indonesia is a country located in South-East Asia. A country with more than 250 million people living in harmony, from the very west of Sabang till the very east of Merauke. Indonesia is blessed with beautiful sights, from oceans to mountains, the country itself also blessed by the crazy amount of natural resources and a fertile soil. Therefore, there is a saying that says “Tongkat kayu dan batu jadi tanaman” it means that sticks and rock turn into plant. That is just how crazy Indonesia is. 

Culture-wise, Indonesia is also a huge melting pot where there are hundreds of ethnic group and languages, and a lots of culture.

By learning Bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian, there are lots of good things that will benefit you, of course by being able to speak Bahasa you will have a better chance to touch the huge market of Indonesia in terms of business. Moreover, the country itself is experiencing a huge economic growth every single year.

However, there are stuffs that make you feel more human by learning Bahasa. Indonesia is one of the most friendliest country in the world and by being able to speak Bahasa you will see that people will come and speak Bahasa and being friendly with you, you will never feel that you are alone in Indonesia. That’s just impossible to be alone in Indonesia if you can speak Bahasa. 

Bali or the Island of Gods is one of the best place travelling spot in Indonesia and in the world. However, most foreigners only Bali as the only place to go, but if you are able to speak Bahasa of course you will have the chance to experience more beautiful places in Indonesia from the very east to the very west of Indonesia. 

If you are living in Indonesia and think that you can communicate with the people by speaking English that is not a really good way to live in Indonesia. Although, most of Indonesian can speak English, but there are still lots of people that cannot speak and those are the people that you might encounter everyday, from waiters to drivers or people on the street. Unless, you live in the office building every single time maybe that’s okay. 

There is a saying that says “Tongkat kayu dan batu jadi tanaman” it means that sticks and rock turn into plant. That is just how crazy Indonesia is. 

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